Dance and exercise combined into one

Aerial and Pole Dance in West London


 What is Aerial and Pole Fitness?


Aerial silk and pole dance for those new to these classes, are two challenging forms of exercise that have their roots in performing arts and dance. 


At APF our aerial silk classes involve training on two long lengths of material or silks, suspended from the ceiling.  It’s a beautiful, elegant practice that is entrancing to watch and is fantastic for developing core and upper body strength.


Take a look at how our aerial classes can improve your stamina and help you lose weight now.


Pole dance has progressed a long way from its former roots and is now accepted worldwide as an extremely physically and mentally rewarding way of getting fit and healthy. 


You can see more about our pole dance classes and how you can train with us at our studio in West London here.


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At Aerial and Pole Fitness (APF) we train people of all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced students looking to push their skills even further. Our experienced, fully qualified instructors will have you using and building muscles you never even knew you had.


Our energising pole dance and aerial classes based in Richmond, West London will tone your body and burn calories, all whilst having more fun than you would sweating it out in an overcrowded gym class.

Discover more about the physical and mental benefits of aerial and pole dance classes now.

Is Aerial Silk and Pole Dance for me?


The simple answer is yes – pole dance and aerial fitness is for everyone.


Our students include people from all professions, ethnicities, religions, cultures, sizes and ages. We keep our classes small so that our highly qualified and experienced Instructors can tailor the moves to your needs and experience level.

Start improving your body confidence today - Book your aerial silk  and pole dance classes now!