Pole Dance and Aerial Silk: The liberating way to a healthier, more toned you
Aerial and Pole Fitness  (APF) was set up by founder Vitaliya in 2012, when she realised there were very few aerial or pole dance studios  in West London offering high quality classes.  She wanted to share her passion for these two beautiful forms of exercise so that others could benefit as she has:
  "When I first came to the UK several years ago, I didn't know anyone. As a single working mother, I struggled to meet new friends and found exercising at the gym boring. I had lost a lot of confidence and was looking for a new challenge when someone suggested pole dance."
  "Pole dance and aerial silk totally changed my life - I gained my confidence back, I made fantastic friends and I have never been more fit or flexible!"
Vitaliya has more than seven years experience training with some of the world's best aerial and pole dance instructors such as former UK and World Pole Dance Champion Elena Gibson.  Her passion for pole dance and aerial silk along with her desire to teach, drove her to set up APF in Richmond, West London to cater for people of all levels and abilities.
  "Since that first class I've never looked back, after years of training, and qualifying as a fully insured aerial and pole fitness instructor, I decided to open my own studio in the hope of inspiring others just as I was."

What are the benefits of Aerial and Pole Dance?

Aerial Silk and Pole Dance classes increase your strength, flexibility and endurance, whilst improving your posture, toning your body and building your confidence.

The main benefits to taking up pole dance and aerial silk classes are:


  • You will burn calories faster

  • You will become more flexible

  • It’s a fun and sensual way to get fit

  • It strengthens your arms and tones your legs

  • It strengthens bones and joints

  • It will increase your core strength and balance

  • Learn from fully qualified and experienced professionals

  • Your self confidence with grow

  • It’s a fantastic stress-reliever

  • Anyone can train, whatever your age, size or gender

You'll be amazed at what your body is capable of and how quickly your skills and strength will develop. Book your first class now and find out for yourself.

What does Aerial Silk involve?


Aerial silk also known as aerial contortion, tissue or ribbon, is a graceful and challenging form of acrobatic exercise. It involves a length of material rigged from the ceiling, from which you can climb, create figures, perform tricks and generally have immense fun performing on.


Our aerial classes will work your core muscles, improve your strength, flexibility and posture – and you’ll have great fun too! The variety of moves, drops, wraps, twists and turns are practically endless and will provide you with plenty of new ways to challenge and express yourself!


What to wear to an aerial silk class

The whole of your body will be in contact with the silks so it’s important to keep your skin covered.  We suggest wearing leggings or thick tights with a leotard or shorts and a top that covers your arms if possible.

What is Pole Fitness?


Pole fitness is a combination of acrobatics, gymnastics and the pole dancing you might know from its nightclub roots. It uses the pole to its maximum potential as a versatile piece of fitness equipment, using your own body resistance to increase strength.


Pole fitness classes work the whole body, improving muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, posture as well as upper body and core strength. Most poles are a standard 45mm diameter and moves, tricks or combos are practiced on a static or spinning pole. 


Whether you want to focus on the fitness elements or embrace the artistic, dance side of pole, we are confident you will find it both physically and mentally rewarding.


What to wear to a pole fitness class

Shorts and a vest or yoga/bra top are ideal as you will need plenty of bare skin to give you grip on the pole.  Heels are totally optional but may help if you want to explore your sexy pole side.


We also advise students not to moisturize 24 hours before a pole class as this will affect your ability to grip the pole.

How safe are Aerial Silk and Pole Dance classes?


Safety is paramount at our Richmond studio in West London, which is why we ensure no more than two people to a pole or silk.  All our Instructors are highly qualified and fully insured, they will cater to your personal abilities and work with everyone in the class to ensure you practice together safely.


This makes our classes safe, fun and rewarding for everyone involved.


Want to find out how enjoyable our classes are?

Sign up now - we guarantee it's more fun than your local gym! You might even make new friends along the way!

Start improving your body confidence today - Book your aerial silk  and pole dance classes now!