Pole dance is a form of dance and performance art, which requires significant strength, flexibility and endurance. Here is a list of some moves that you have learnt from your instructor. Some of the pole dance moves shown in this page are of a highly physical nature and should only be performed by persons in good physical condition on the recommendation of an qualified instructor. 

aerial and pole dance classes in Richmond

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.Aerial and Pole Fitness start to run aerial silk classes in East London.

Aerial activities such as aerial silk its a great way to have fun and learn new skills. They will also provide a range of health benefits. Everything from your physical strength to your figure can be improved through regular participation in aerial activities. So come and join us. 

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 Pole Dance Fitness are for all professions, ethnicities, religions, cultures, sizes and ages. We have friends all over the world because of pole dancing. We support each other through learning new moves, share each other's videos and pictures. Don't be surprised if you start to make a few new friends after a few sessions. It's more fun than gym, that's for sure!!!! 

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